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VAN WEZEL parts are considered to be some of the best in the business. Originally a part of the Unipart Group of Companies, it is one of the leading European auto parts manufacturing and distribution brands. Headquartered in Tienen, Belgium the company has two warehouses in Belgium as well as premises in Czech Republic, Austria, Italy, Holland and Germany. VAN WEZEL parts have been with customers for over 65 years and is a part of many popular brands such as International Radiators, HS, Equipart, and Hagus. It is these brands that allow VAN WEZEL car parts to strike the right balance between lower production costs and improved focus on pricing.

Reason for Popularity

VAN WEZEL aftermarket parts happen to be the most popular. Their OES and OEM parts are some of the best in the business. However, many people choose to buy VAN WEZEL parts because they offer the best value for money. Excellent pricing without compromising quality has made it a favourite amongst buyers with lower budgets. That said there is no compromise on quality or customer service regardless of what product you may purchase. While many online stores sell knockoff or replica VAN WEZEL car parts, we sell only original ones that come backed by their warranty.