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STABILUS parts include mostly gas struts and hydraulic vibration dampers. That said STABILUS is the market leader when it comes to both hydraulic vibration dampers and gas struts. The company has over a hundred years of experience building high-quality automotive parts in addition to rehabilitation and medical technology. STABILUS car parts such as electric drives and gas struts make it easy for car owners to close, open, dampen and lower vehicles. However, over the past decade, STABILUS parts include much more than just parts for the automobile industry which is why the company’s growth has mushroomed dramatically.

Why people prefer buying STABILUS parts?

One of the reasons why people in the UK trust the STABILUS brand is because it's associated with reliability and an excellent warranty. It is important to keep in mind that getting gas struts and vibration dampers replaced is an expensive job, so people want to invest in a product they know will last a very long time. It is for this reason why we at continue to recommend STABILUS to people who want to spare no expense and buy a high-quality aftermarket part.