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Bulb, Daytime Running Light
Bulb, Daytime Running Light
W16W, 48272328
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PHILIPS also known as Koninklijke Philips N.V. or Royal Philips is a Dutch company headquartered in Amsterdam. The company’s primary focus has and continues to be electronics for various industries including lighting, healthcare, and the automobile sector. Founded back in 1891, by entrepreneur Gerard Philips and his father Fredrick, it soon became one of the largest businesses in the world with a workforce in excess of 100,000 in more than 60 countries. PHILIPS parts for automobiles are perhaps lesser known or overshadowed by their products for the healthcare and consumer electronics industry. PHILIPS car parts are regarded as being of the highest quality similar to the brand’s various other products. Most people have grown up with a Philips product whether it be an electric trimmer or a light bulb. It is for this reason that PHILIPS parts for the automobile sector are automatically trusted by a buyer looking for a quality product. It is also why PHILIPS is one of the leading sellers of aftermarket automobile bulbs and interior lighting.

Quality backed by a warranty

PHILIPS parts have always come backed with a solid warranty. It is something that most buyers take for granted and PHILIPS prides itself on since the very beginning. Plus, customers can be assured that a PHILIPS car part will last more than what the company states. Also, many automobile manufacturers recommend that people rely on PHILIPS parts as compared to any other. One of the most popular automotive parts manufactured by PHILIPS includes powerful inspection lamps which allow for mechanics to upgrade and repair a customer’s car. Philips also manufactures Original Equipment quality lighting products for various new vehicles and also supplies lighting products to vehicle manufacturers. At we highly recommend PHILIPS car parts for anybody who wants quality and a solid warranty. You can never go wrong when buying a product that comes backed by a major brand such as PHILIPS, which has been synonymous with lighting technology for over a century.