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OSRAM parts are synonymous with lighting technology today. Founded back in 1919 in Munich, Germany as part of a merger between two major lighting businesses i.e. Siemens & Halske and Auergesellschaft. Later in July of 2013, OSRAM became a separate entity independent from Siemens and was listed on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange.

Why buy OSRAM parts?

OSRAM car parts include just about any type of lighting you can think of from dashboard lights to headlights and parking lights. However, over the years what set OSRAM car parts apart from all the other types of lighting technologies is the fact that they last longer, look better and are now highly energy efficient. Plus, people can be assured that all the lighting technology they buy for their cars come backed with a substantial warranty. At we sell only original, and warranty backed OSRAM parts that you can trust. We also recommend OSRAM to buyers in the UK who are searching for quality and reliability amongst anything else. Moreover, OSRAM sells the type of lighting technology that is unmatched when compared to its competitors. So, you can always trust OSRAM to deliver exactly what you expect if not more.