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OPTIBELT parts belong to the Arntz OPTIBELT Group which has been manufacturing and selling some of the best auto parts for more than 140 years. The very first products were produced in Germany back in 1872, over the century the company grew to become one of the largest manufacturers of power transmission belts in the entire world. The company also benefits from its state of the art R&D engineering department which helps to come up with better and more affordable products that perform much better than their contemporaries. OPTIBELT car parts corporation with its headquarters in Carol Stream, IL has been operating for many decades. It has facilities in Texas, California, South Carolina. The facilities manufacture ribbed belts, cogged belts, timing belts and v-belts for an array of American vehicles. However, the company also has operations in Brazil, Mexico, and Canada.

The best belts that money can buy

Many mechanics consider vehicle belts to be the weakest link because a failure can be catastrophic. It is for this reason that you’re always strongly advised to buy a high-quality OPTIBELT belt. That said OPTIBELT car parts include their ribbed belts and v-belts which happen to be extremely popular in the UK.