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MOOG parts are used in just about every industry you can think of that requires precision instruments and parts ranging from the manufacturing industry to design, aerospace and military. MOOG originally started out as a designer of missile and aircraft parts around fifty years ago in 1951. Today, MOOG uses its experience and access to state of the art equipment to design parts for commercial applications such as for commercial aircraft, Formula One racing, power turbines, and various medical instruments. MOOG parts was founded by Bill Moog, who developed an electro-hydraulic servovalve in a rented corner of an abandoned airport. From humble beginnings as Moog Valve Company to one of the largest supplier of high-end parts to almost every industry, it’s a brand that people and businesses trust.

Why people buy MOOG car parts?

MOOG aftermarket car parts are some of the most sought after particularly in Europe. The company is known to manufacture and sell performance enhancing parts that can boost the power, torque and handling of many vehicles that are commonly driven and sold in the UK. Plus, people trust the ironclad warranty by which MOOG backs all its parts.