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Fitting position:  Rear Axle
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MONROE parts was founded in 1916, by entrepreneur and mechanic August F. Meyer and was called Monroe Auto Equipment Company. The business originally manufactured tire pumps for first generation car owners. Later the company added a partner the local Dodge motor car dealer named Charles S. McIntyre, who used his industry knowledge to cultivate a rising demand for self-oiled single barreled pumps. It was in 1926 that the company began focusing on a much larger market i.e. the demand for vehicle control and comfort. Later in the year, the company introduced the very first Shock Eliminator as it was called which replaced the hard and often difficult to bear carriage springs. From the very first shock absorbers to the latest innovation in vehicle comfort ninety years later MONROE car parts have come a very long way. As a matter of fact, today the name MONROE is synonymous with vehicle comfort and stability.

A brand you can trust

When it comes to aftermarket and OEM parts, MONROE is the world leader, having already been credited with being the largest OEM manufacturer of suspension and control systems. The MONROE intelligent suspension electronic technologies have made riding long distances in a vehicle a lot more comfortable than it has ever been. It is also the reason why we recommend that buyers always purchase MONROE car parts and especially shock absorbers and suspension parts.