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COATED, Brake Disc
COATED, Brake Disc
Fitting position:  Front Axle
Art.No.:  15184554

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Originally founded in 1980 by Werner M. Metzger, the company started out with three employees and a small office. However, the company later moved to Leinfelden-Echerdingen in 1993, and as they say, the rest was history. The first significant move by the company came in 2003 as TecDoc data supplier with their online ordering system. Today, the company has more than quadrupled in size and moved to Möhringen.

Claim to fame

METZGER is one of Germany’s leading brands of high-quality automobile parts. The company manufactures parts for both high-end cars like BMWs and Mercedes as well as lower end midsized sedans and hatchbacks. One of the biggest reasons for METZGER car parts success is their ability to produce excellent quality replacement parts which at times can be better than the original.

Why buy METZGER car parts?

Quality, competitive pricing and precision engineering are all reasons to invest in a METZGER product. That said they also offer some of the best warranties that ensure your investment is always protected, and you can also be sure that the METZGER part you buy performs optimally for the rated period. So, you save time, money and effort in the long term.