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When it comes to quality MAHLE ORIGINAL parts are known as being some of the best in the industry. MAHLE ORIGINAL is one of the world’s 20 biggest suppliers and development business in the automotive industry. MAHLE ORIGINAL car parts include mobility solutions, driving pleasure instruments, clean air and fuel efficiency technology. The company has over the years demonstrated a competence for addressing critical issues with vehicles such as with the powertrain and air conditioner in addition to filtration, engine, and electronics. MAHLE ORIGINAL parts continue to improve as the company supports manufacturers early on in the development cycle. Many of the components developed by the company are used by Formula 1, Le Mans and numerous other vehicle performance events. It is for this reason that people trust the brand will deliver on their promise of reliability and quality.

Performance parts

MAHLE ORIGINAL car parts number in the dozens. However, the most popular are its performance parts which have over the years been shown to be second to none. Aftermarket performance parts are some of the most popular in the UK with MAHLE ORIGINAL being the brand of choice for enthusiasts who want every bit of extra performance from their vehicles.