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IMASAF has production units that cover well over 50,000 square meters with what is high end, state of the art machinery. IMASAF parts are a labour of love, ingenuity which goes back 50 years. The company specialises in producing some of the best mufflers and catalytic converters in the auto industry. That said the company also produces high-performance mufflers for sports and show cars. It is for this reason that IMASAF is the company of choice for auto enthusiasts and people who want to get the most out of their vehicle.

Why buy IMASAF mufflers

When you want a car to perform at its best using the perfect mix of materials and top end engineering, then IMASAF is one of the few brands you can trust. IMASAF car parts include 7000 mufflers which are produced every day at their manufacturing facility in Cattadella. Almost 50% of the mufflers produced are for the domestic market with the remaining being exported to mainly Germany. It is for this reason that finding IMASAF mufflers are challenging and expensive in the UK. But at you can always find a high-end IMASAF branded muffler for your vehicle.