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genuine, Sensor, Exhaust Pressure
genuine, Sensor, Exhaust Pressure
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HJS parts began back in 1976 when it was founded by Hermann Josef Schulte who started manufacturing mounting parts for various vehicular exhaust systems. However, the company soon started producing catalytic converters in 1985 and by 2006, they took advantage of Germany’s Land of Ideas which was sponsored by the German Government by taking the initiative of developing efficient DPFs (Diesel Particulate Filter, which was made of sintered metal. The company’s 450 employees have been engaged in developing, producing and marketing various modular systems which are meant to reduce pollution from automobiles. The parts are used either as original equipment or as aftermarket systems retrofitted in commercial, and passenger cars. HJS car parts also include some of the best soot reduction systems for the latest diesel engines.

The best exhaust systems in the industry

HJS is one of the leading names in the emissions reduction industry. The company’s exhaust systems are state of the art and have proven to be effective at reducing emissions as per current standards. Excellent efficiency and durability along with price friendliness is what motivates people to purchase HJS aftermarket parts in the UK. It is also the reason why we recommend HJS parts to our buyers.