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Screw, Brake Disc
Screw, Brake Disc
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FEBI BILSTEIN has been around since 1844, making it one of the oldest and most renowned aftermarket car parts manufacturers in Europe. Even despite over 150 years of being in business the company continues to grow thanks to providing innovation, constantly reliability and excellent quality. What initially started off as a family owned company is considered to one of the largest and growth with 30,000 technical parts, made possible by 1630 employees and offices in more than 140 countries. FEBI BILSTEIN parts are available in 69 countries via a select group of local partners and subsidiaries. The company delivers over 100 million parts throughout its native Germany and abroad thanks to its state of the art centre in Ennepetal.

Why is the company so popular?

FEBI BILSTEIN car parts range from braking, steering, chassis and engine to wheel fastening and car electronics technologies. The company’s goal is to provide people with passenger vehicles with everything they need to repair their cars completely. However, FEBI BILSTEIN parts are also available for trucks, trailers, light commercial vehicles and semitrailers. Plus, using state of the art technology and materials have meant that FEBI BILSTEIN car parts last longer and are more reliable.