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DENSO is a Japanese automotive components manufacturer with its headquarters in Kariya, Japan. What initially started off as a joint venture with Toyota Motors and Nippon Denso Co in 1949. Today even despite DENSO parts being an independent company Toyota still owns 25%. However, sales to the Toyota Group only accounts for around 40% of revenue because around 44% of revenue is generated by selling parts to other car manufacturers in China, America, and Germany. Denso ranks no. 4 in the world in terms of size and reach. DENSO car parts are sold via 184 subsidiaries out of which 68 are in Japan, 34 in Europe, 48 in Asia / Oceania and 34 in America. DENSO has taken steps to establish complexes in Mexico, Indonesia, and India.

Popular DENSO car parts

Out of all the DENSO parts sold the most popular have to be their spark plugs. DENSO spark plugs are known for their durability as well as variety. The company sells everything from glow plugs to regular copper tipped spark plugs. Many of these plugs are used in newly manufactured vehicles and come highly recommended by car manufacturers like Honda, Toyota, and BMW. That said DENSO is also an established name when it comes to other types of aftermarket parts sold in the UK.