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DELCO REMY is one of the leading manufacturers of aftermarket parts for trucks and buses. They specialise in manufacturing starters and alternators. DELCO REMY’s parts are known for their durability because they are used in vehicles that are meant to run long distances and through often difficult conditions. The combination of high output alternators along with other parts ensures that trucks and buses can save fuel in the short term as well as not have to worry about a replacement anytime soon.

Why is DELCO REMY so popular?

Even though DELCO REMY car parts are in general considered to be some of the best, it seems as though they specialise in alternator parts. As a matter of fact their brushless alternators have the least moving parts of all designs, so can withstand lots of wear and tear while still being reliable and fuel efficient. It is for this reason that DELCO REMY alternators last longer, and the company has no problem backing their alternators with a substantial warranty. Starters designed and manufactured by DELCO REMY are meant to crank the engine even under the most challenging situations. Thanks to over crank protection technology fleets of buses and trucks are protected from extreme thermal damage. The OCP is, in fact, a circuit breaker by the company which ensures the safe operating temperature of the vehicle. Plus, the patented internal magnetic solenoid switch or IMSS as it is called enhances a vehicle’s reliability.