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BOSCH parts are recognised as a testament to German engineering. Headquartered in Stuttgart, BOSCH is the leading supplier of automotive components across the world. Originally founded by Robert Bosch, in 1886, today Robert Bosch Stiftung owns 92% of the company. The company is known to manufacture and sell an array of automotive products all of which have proven to be reliable and offer excellent value. That said despite over a hundred and twenty years in business the company continues to grow owing to innovation and customer satisfaction. It is estimated that automotive technology amounts to 60% of Bosch’s sales. BOSCH was also one of the first manufacturers of Anti-lock Braking Systems (ABS), and later specialised in fields such as traction control systems (TCS), body electronics such as central locking systems and ESP (Electronic Stability Program). Interestingly BOSCH is also supplying diesel-electric hybrid technology to manufacturers such as PSA for their Peugeot 3008.

Why people prefer buying BOSCH car parts?

BOSCH is perhaps most famous for their controls, brakes, electrical drives, generators, starters, fuel system and steering system components. However as of late BOSCH’s aftermarket spark plugs have to become increasingly popular owing to the fact that they are well designed and use state of the art iridium tipping to improve fuel economy. BOSCH is also famous for their in-car navigation and car stereo systems. That said the vast majority of drivers still buy BOSCH parts because they have learned to trust the brand as their fathers did before them.

The price to value proposition

BOSCH car parts have recently been competing with cheaper aftermarket parts primarily manufactured in China. While in the past BOSCH enjoyed what many described as a near monopoly for certain car parts, China’s cheaper parts have gained popularity against BOSCH. However, car enthusiasts and performance drivers in the UK continue to rely on BOSCH for reliable products which have proven to last longer and hence offer much more value for money. Plus, BOSCH’s excellent revised pricing over the years have proven to be unbeatable even for bargain hunters and budget-strapped buyers who own cheaper cars.