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A Brief Look Into Valvoline History

Valvoline is the company that manufactures and supplies automotive lubricants and other automotive chemicals. The company supplies to customers in more than 140 countries. Valvoline has more than 150 years of heritage and has produced many powerful brands. The company produced its first engine lubricant in 1866. Valvoline has many rapid oil change chains for the convenience of the customers. Valvoline has introduced products which reduce environmental impact. Valvoline has adopted innovative technology to create the finest quality oils and lubricants. Valvoline also offers the finest racing line of lubricants and oils. Valvoline offers OEMs for BMW, Mercedes Benz, Porsche and Volkswagen. Apart from motor oil, you can find antifreeze products, automatic transmission products, grease and gear oils, heavy-duty motor oil and pro-V racing products from the company.

Why Use Valvoline Motor Oils And Lubricants?

Valvoline offers different varieties of oils and lubricants for passenger cars, heavy-duty trucks and for racing vehicles. These oils protect the vehicle engine and other automotive spares from corrosion and wear and tear. You can find motor oil of different viscosity suitable for your vehicle from a Valvoline range of products. The motor oil from the company is high quality oils and gives a high performance when used in vehicles. The full synthetic motor oils from the company are designed with antioxidant and extra detergent to protect from residue deposit and excess heat. The products from the company will help in achieving fuel economy standards and emission standards without reducing the Performance. It is important that you select the right Valvoline oil for your engine type to keep your vehicle in good shape. You can also find engine oils for small 4 stroke and 2 stroke engines from Valvoline. Visit online site to select the engine oil from Valvoline suggested by your vehicle manufacturer.

Types Of Valvoline Motor Oils

Valvoline offers the following motor oils to the customers: Daily protection conventional motor oil, Higher mileage oil - Maxlife full synthetic oil and Maxlife synthetic blend oil, Synthetic blends – Durablend and Maxlife synthetic blend oil, Full synthetic oil is an advanced full synthetic oil, max life full synthetic, modern engine full synthetic oil, and VR1 full synthetic racing motor oil and Heavy duty diesel truck oil- premium blue 8600 ES diesel engine oil, Max life heavy duty.