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What is two stroke oil?

A two stroke engine is very different from a regular four-stroke engine in cars and trucks. Unlike a four stroke engine, a two-stroke has a crankcase which is an integral part of the induction tract and means that the oil and gasoline are mixed. The oil and gasoline are mixed and distributed through the engine working as a lubricant and fuel. The mixture is referred to as petroil. So, two stroke engine oil needs to be able to dilute with the petrol and still provide adequate engine protection.

When to add oil?

Maintaining your two stroke engine is a lot like a four stroke one. You need to add oil to ensure the motor continues to perform optimally. However, two-stroke oil can be topped up ever few hundred kilometres, or it can be completely replaced which is unlike four stroke engine oil. That said when exactly you should top up your engine oil or change it mainly depends on the motorcycle you own. A good way to make sure that you’re using the right oil and in the right quantity would be to refer to the motorcycle’s user manual.

Why buy from us?

At, we have a large selection of only the highest quality two stroke oil that money can buy. We sell high-quality oils by brands such as Motul, Castrol, and Liqui Moly, amongst many others. We have also priced our oils competitively, so you get the best value for money when buying from us. If you need help choosing a two stroke oil for your motorcycle you can call or email us at any time for assistance.