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An Insight Into Tutela Transmission Oils

The Tutela brand is an exclusive range of lubricants offered by Petronas that mainly deal with automatic transmission fluids, gear oils, axle oils, hydraulic oils, and grease. The transmission flush is very important for the transmission system to perform at its best. These transmission oils offered by Tutela will ensure that the vehicle performs at the optimum best always. The transmission oils are made under stringent testing conditions to make sure that it offers high-quality performance under all extreme conditions.

The Benefits Of Using Tutela Transmission Fluids

The main purpose of the quality transmission oil is to make sure that the working parts in the transmission system do not get affected by the heat generated by the engine. It will keep the transmission in the vehicle to be smooth, cool, and lubricated. The fluid will make sure that the gears do not grind against each other and quickly wear and tear. The friction that is generated or developed by the transmission is corrected by the quality automatic transmission oils. The fluids will provide the necessary resistance to oxidation and therefore the overall fuel economy will be improved. The Tutela oils are made with superior engineering techniques to ensure very smooth and easy gear operation. These quality transmission fluids need not be changed regularly and therefore will save a decent amount of money.

The Types Of Tutela Transmission Oils On Sale

Tutela Transmission ZC 75 Synth is a fully synthetic fluid that offers quality mechanical transmission for the vehicles. It has special wear protection that will take special care of the transmission components even during extreme conditions. It will be offered with a targeted viscosity index so that it operates smoothly at higher temperatures. The sliding action is smooth and consistent, be it cold or hot conditions. The Tutela lubricating film will adhere to the mechanical components and ensure quality protection. The Tutela Transmission EPYX is suited for all types of vehicles as it is a multi-grade oil suited for manual transmissions. This gear oil comes with a special mixture to make sure that it strikes a perfect balance between the gear changes and the protection to the transmission gear for all seasons. You can purchase these genuine oils from the online store