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A Brief Intro About Sonax Company

Sonax is one of the leading manufacturer and exporter of chemicals needed for vehicle care and maintenance in the world. It is a subsidiary of a reputed Hoffmann group of companies. The company is based at Neuberg in Germany and it was started by Manfred Hoffman in 1905. The company produces an extensive range of products like car polish, wax, de-icer, auto detailing products, interior and exterior cleaning products etc. The company believes in continuous research and improvement to give the best products to the customers. Sonax is now represented in more than 80 countries. You can find the right vehicle care products for small or medium-sized vehicles, luxury motor vehicles and sports vehicles etc., from Sonax.

The Need To Use Sonax Routine Maintenance Products

It goes without saying that the car owner needs to take care of their car and make it look new and fresh as long as possible. This is only achieved if you use the best quality car maintenance products on the interior and the exterior of the car. The dirt and the dust on the exterior and interior of the car can spoil the look. Hence, using Sonax products will help in effectively and easily getting rid of the exterior and interior car look issues and help you keep your car shiny and glossy. There is a wide range of auto cleaning products offered by Sonax to meet the needs of every car owner. The soiling of the upholstery, the dashboard, and the door pads inside the car is not uncommon. You can use quality Sonax care products to get rid of the regular soling of the car’s interiors.

Types Of Sonax Care Products On Sale

The best place to buy quality Sonax care items online is Xtreme Clear View - This is an effective windscreen cleaning additive that removes grease and dirt on the windscreen in seconds. It is very effective on insect residue, thanks to Nano technology. Foam Upholstery Cleaner Without Propellant - This is a special upholstery cleaning foam that removes toughest stains from car fabrics. It will work deep into the rug and seat fibers and remove the dirt and grime without affecting the colors of the upholstery. Profiline Cut Finish Silicone free - This Sonax polish has an abrasive effect that will get rid of damage spots on the car’s exterior. It offers a great degree of shine and is effective for a long time.