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A Brief History Of Selenia Lubricants

Selenia lubricants are a subsidiary of the very popular Petronas oils and lubricants. This company started as FL as part of the FIAT’s lubrication division in Italy in 1910. It enters the Italian market in 1920 and new engine oils are made by this oil manufacturer. The R&D department of FL started in 1940 and it came out with fully synthetic oil in the 70s. FL’s international exposure took place in the 1980s and then by 2000 FL gets re-branded as FL Selenia and is acquired by Petronas in 2008. The Selenia motor oils are known for its top-class performance and also ensure very good fuel efficiency.

Different Types Of Selenia Oils On Sale

5W-40 K Pure Energy Multi Air - This car engine oil is a high performing fully synthetic oil that suits modern day multi-air technology engines. The motor oil lubricates the piston and cylinder of the engine to ensure smooth performance. It will dispose of the airborne particles and also ensure lower fuel consumption and increased engine power and torque. WR Pure Energy 5W-30 - This fully synthetic Selenia oil meets the requirements of modern-day diesel engines. It will protect the diesel particulate filters from getting affected by dirt and engine deposits. They also ensure very low ash content and improved fuel economy. The life of engine parts is increased by using this oil land there is no need for frequent oil changes.

The Reasons Why You Should Use Selenia Engine Oils

These synthetic auto oils are suited for petrol and diesel engine cars. These oils offer very low fuel consumption and also offers very good cold engine start. These quality engine oils offer the highest protection and the greatest engine performance under all testing conditions and loads. The Selenia oil will reduce the wear and tear on the engine and its parts and also make sure that there is a protective oil layer over the engine at all times. Most of the oil can be used for the petrol and diesel engine cars. They have the right mix of protective additives to the base oil to offer optimal oil dispersion. The automotive engine oils offer very good resistance at high temperatures and during heavy loads. is the apt online store to buy the Selenia brand of engine oils and get the quickly delivered to your home.