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A Brief History About Q8 Oils

The Kuwait Petroleum International is one of the leading oil companies in the world and Q8 oils are part of this oil company. It is the 7th largest producer of oil in the world. This company has its headquarters in Kuwait and was started in 1983. The engine oils made by this group are of high quality and are made using the best base oils. The additives are added to the base oils in the right proportions to make the extensive range of motor oils. The oils from Q8are made by a team of technical experts and these products offer optimized performance and increase the operational efficiency. The Q8 oils cater to a wide range of sectors like automotive, industrial, agriculture, marine, etc. These car engine oils extend the life of the engine and its moving parts.

The Benefits Of Using Q8 Oils In Your Car Engines

TheQ8 oils are made using the high-quality base oils and the right additives to make them offer quality engine performance. They will form a protective cover over the engine and the parts so that the moving parts do not come into serious contact with each other. The auto engine oils are made to meet the environmental standards and hence they do not emit a lot of CO2 emissions. The Q8 motor oils are very thin and have lower viscosity. It will reduce the resistance in the engine and also offer great fuel mileage. It will easily flow to all the components of the engine and thereby protects them at the outset. These oils will perform at its best during extreme loads and high temperatures. You can purchase these genuine engine oils online from

Types Of Q8 Oils On Sale For Car Engines

Formula F110W-50 - These are 100% synthetic motor oils that are known to offer high performance for diesel and petrol passenger cars. They offer excellent cold start properties and excellent engine performance under extreme conditions. They protect rust and corrosion formation of the engine parts and prolongs the life of engine components. Formula Special G Long Life 5W-30 - This synthetic Ultra High Performing engine oil has low ash content. It is suited for car engines with diesel particulate filters. The life of the engine is increased and the oil has very good cold start properties. Some other features of this Q8 oil include extended oil change intervals, corrosion and rust protection, lower CO2 emissions, lowers fuel consumption, and great oxidation stability.