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About Pennasol Brand

Pennasol brand of oils and lubricants are produced by AVISTA OIL Deutschland GmbH. The brand is based in Germany. The company has more than 60 years of experience in the manufacturing of lubricants. There are more than 150 products available from the brand. Pennasol offers the right price/performance ratio. Pennasol oils and lubricants are suitable for automobiles and machinery. Pennasol brand products are now available in more than 40 countries in the world, including the EU. Pennasol offers motor oils, gear oils, two-stroke oils, tractor oils, hydraulic oils, industrial lubricants and specialty lubricants. The company has high standards for marketing. The brand is well known for their excellent customer support.

The Advantages Of Using Quality Pennasol Engine Oils

The main advantage of the Pennasol motor oils is that it offers the necessary lubrication needed for the engine and its parts. It will help in keeping the engine run smoother and quieter in all testing conditions. The motor oils will clean the engine’s internals and keep the moving parts in good shape. This way the wear and tear of the parts will be prolonged. The debris and the dust particles from the engine oil are removed and therefore it will not build up on the engine over time. This way the oil filter will be protected from the engine. Also, the additives added to the base oil will do the job of the detergents in keeping the oil and parts clean. The engine will enjoy the very best fuel efficiency of clean car oil and the mechanical output of the engine will be increased. To buy quality oils, you need to shop from reliable online store

Different Types Of Pennasol Engine Oils On Sale

Super Pace Sport - These are advanced Pennasol engine oils that suit the engines of all modern-day passenger cars. They are made to suit turbocharger engines. Superior SN - This high performing auto oil meets the API specifications are suited for all gasoline engines. Longlife III - This is a smooth-running Pennasol oil made using the synthesis technology. It is a fuel saving oil that is developed to meet the needs of Volkswagen and Audi engines. Super Light - This is a high alloy automotive oil that saves energy and can be used around the year in all the petrol and diesel passenger cars.