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What are maintenance products?

Maintenance products are categorized as a particular set of products in the automobile industry which are meant to maintain the exterior and interior of a vehicle. The products include wax, clay, polish, scratch removers and various others. Every product on our website servers a particular objective for a car owner and in most cases any DIY person can use it. That said not all maintenance products are the same and you may not need all products for your vehicle. You should only buy products you feel is necessary to maintain the look and feel or extend the car’s life. 

When should the products be used?

When you use maintenance products varies based on the type of vehicle you own, how much you drive and how old it is. Older vehicles apparently require more care so you’ll need car polish, buffers, and sprays for the dashboard and other interior parts. If you’re unsure about what products to use for your vehicle, just refer to the car’s user manual or a certified mechanic. As a rule of thumb start by using a list of essential maintenance products before moving on to experimenting with advanced products, even though they do no harm.

Why buy from us?

At, we are one of the leading sellers of high quality branded car maintenance products by brands such as Liqui Moly, Sonax, and Meguiar's amongst many others. So, you can always trust the products you buy from us will perform as advertised. If you need help finding the right maintenance products for your vehicle, do not hesitate to call or email us for assistance.