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A Peep Into The History Of Mofin Oils


The Mofin brand of oils is very popular all over Europe. It is a German company that is known for its world-class and high-quality engine oils, antifreezes, and lubricants. The Mofin oil has made quality oils since 1905. The Mofin motor oil is the best oil for anyone looking for the right oil for the high-quality and powerful engines in their vehicle. All the oils and lubricants made by this company meet the highest performance and standards so that it helps in the efficient performance of the automobiles in all testing conditions. Mofin products are exported to all major European and Asian countries. The company has over 100 years of experience in the oil and lube manufacturing and hence there is no doubt about the quality of the oils.


The Need To Use Quality Mofin Engine Oils


The quality Mofin auto engine oils will have the right kind of base oil and the additives to ensure high-class engine performance in all extreme conditions. This car oil will make sure that it forms a protective layer over the engine and its oil parts and therefore the friction between the moving parts of the engine will be very minimal. These quality engine oils are designed in such a way that they offer greater reliability and the necessary protection that the car engine needs. These oils will offer very good fuel efficiency and also exhibits cold start properties. These automotive oils offer a stable protective oil layer during extreme and hot oil conditions. They will cool the engine and ensure high shear stability.


Types Of Mofin Oils On Sale


HC Performance III / Longlife5W-30 - These are high-quality synthetic oils that offer long life to the engines under the hood of popular luxury vehicles. They offer excellent protection from heat, improved lubricity at low temperatures, and protection against residues and wear. TS Favorite 10W-40 - These oils are suited for turbo engines. They show characteristics like lower viscosity, high shear stability, quality protection to engine pistons, valves, cylinders, and turbochargers, and black sludge protection. HC Premium 5W-40 - This is a multifunctional, high performing engine oil that suits the engine of all modern-day petrol and diesel engines. This is a fully synthetic oil that offers properties like safe operation, low-temperature performance, cold start properties, wear and tear protection.