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Why are lubricants necessary?

Every mechanical part ever designed generates friction which impedes the ability of that machine to function optimally. Over time friction causes the mechanical parts to break down. The same goes for your engine and brakes. Lubricants help to keep these parts moving by limiting the friction between mechanical parts that rub against each other. High-quality engine oil, for instance, extends the life of the vehicle’s engine. The same goes for gear oil which improves the ability of a vehicle to change gears without causing excessive wear and tear.

How to know when to change lubricants?

All vehicles use engines and internal systems that work slightly differently. Some may require a change of engine oil, gear oil, automatic transmission fluid and brake oil more frequently than others. The rule of thumb for all vehicles is to get the lubricants checked and changed every 5000 miles. Engine oil needs to be changed twice a year especially if you’re living in a particularly cold region of the world since thicker oils can end up causing seizure the engine. Most vehicles come with a manual which details which lubricants to use. The viscosity of every lubricant is different so, selecting the right one depends on the driving conditions and the vehicle. Referring to the car’s handbook before making a purchase is important.

Dozens of high-quality lubricants under one roof

At, we sell some of the highest quality oils by SHELL, HIGH-PERFORMER, CASTROL and numeorus others. So, our buyers can be assured that they are buying the best lubricants out there for their vehicle. That said those who are having a problem choosing the right lubricants can get in touch with us for assistance and information prior to making their purchase.