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About Liqui-Moly Engine Oil Manufacturer

Liqui-Moly is a world-renowned company manufacturing good quality motor oils, additives, lubricants and sealants, etc. Liqui-Moly was started in the year 1957 in Ulm in Germany. The first product from the company was an additive made of liquefied molybdenum disulfide and hence the name. The additives from the company are suitable for gear oil, engine oils, and transmission oils. Though Germany is the main market for the company, Liqui-Moly products are available in over 120 countries around the world. The company now offers more than 4000 products for vehicle maintenance and care.

Why Use Appropriate Liqui-Moly Engine Oil?

The moving parts inside a vehicle’s engine are subject to friction and continuous friction can cause an increase in the temperature inside the engine. This will also cause easy wear and tear of the moving parts. Liqui-Moly engine oil when used in these engines can reduce the friction and reduces the wear of the metallic surfaces. The corrosion of the metal parts can be controlled by applying the appropriate car oil. The engine oil flows through the engine and coats the parts and protects it. Good engine oils can improve the performance of the engine and reduces repair costs.

The Role Of Liqui-Moly Additives

Liqui-Moly offers engine oil and fuel additives for different types of vehicles. The engine oil additives from the company improve the viscosity of the engine oils. The viscosity of engine oil changes with temperature and the additives reduces the viscosity changes in oils at different temperatures and ensure smooth working of the engine. The fuel additives are important as they help in cleaning and lubricating different components of the vehicle. You can find fuel additives and engine oil additives for diesel and gasoline vehicles from Why Opt For Liqui-Moly Products? Liqui-Moly is a brand which offers complete value for the products. The company uses state-of-the-art technology to create products which can satisfy the customers. They use environment-friendly process for manufacturing their motor oil and other products. The company gives emphasis on quality management. You can ensure operational safety for your vehicle by opting for their products. Visit the online site to purchase the products of your choice from the company. Some of the products from the company available from online dealers include: Liqui-Moly-Top Tec 4200 5W-30, Liqui-Moly-Diesel Leichtlauf10W-40, Liqui-Moly- Longtime High Tech 5W-30, Liqui-Moly-Mos2LEICHTLAUF10W-40, Liqui-MolyCera Tec, Liqui-Moly Gasoline Stabilizer.