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What is gear oil?

Gear oil is a special lubricant made for manual transmission vehicles. It is a lot like ATF (Automatic Transmission Fluid), but it's meant for manual shifters. So, it's often of a slightly higher viscosity which helps to protect the gears from excessive wear and tear. The higher viscosity also ensures that the lubricant is easily transported through the entire gear train. However, using the right viscosity oil is imperative since if the oil is heavy, it will create viscous drag, and if too light it will not provide the gearing mechanism with adequate protection.

When to change your gear oil?

When exactly you decide to change the oil depends on the vehicle you’re driving, driving condition and overall mileage. Generally speaking, car owners are required to replace the gear oil ever 50,000 KM. However, some newer vehicles can do with a change every 80,000 KMs, so it's imperative to check the car’s manual. Also, if you drive one of the newer vehicles, the built-in sensors will let you know when the next oil change is due. That said changing gear oil in most vehicles require a certified professional.

How to buy the best gear oil?

At, we sell some of the best gear oil that money can buy for all vehicles. We carry oils from such brands as Mobil, FUCHS, and Liqui Moly among many others. So, finding the right oil for your vehicle is not difficult. If you need helping find the right gear oil do not hesitate to get in contact with us for more details.