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What is penetrating oil?

Penetrating oil is also referred to as penetrating fluid. It is a low viscosity substance which resembles an oil. The oil or fluid is used to often free mechanical parts which have become rusted and or are otherwise hard to remove. Since it has the ability to penetrate the tightest of spots within a nut or bolt to free it up hence its name. Many of the latest oils can also prevent corrosion and also work as a light lubricant. Apart from the automobile industry, penetrating oils are used in the machine and repair industry as well. Various other applications of penetrating oils are removing adhesive, chewing gum and reducing the friction of stringed instruments.

Should you buy penetrating oil?

Well, you should only buy penetrating oil if you carry out repairs on your car, gardening equipment or any other type of equipment yourself. Penetrating oil cannot be used in place of regular motor oil or lubricating oil. That said if you have no experience using penetrating oil then it's imperative that you are careful when using it as many types of oils are flammable. You’re also strongly advised to wear a face protecting mask when using the oil compressed in an aerosol can.

Buy penetrating oils by leading brands

We currently have the best selection of penetrating oils in the industry. We sell oils by big brands such as CARAMBA, LIQUI-MOLY, and FERTAN amongst numerous others. Plus we sell these oils at the very best rates so you can be assured of buying a branded product at the lowest price and also that it will be delivered to your doorstep.