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Why Your Engine Oil Matters

Replacing your engine oil seems unnecessary and insignificant for most people. While it is a relatively simple and inexpensive task, you shouldn't let this draw any attention away from the importance of carrying it out. By undertaking the easy and inexpensive task of regularly replacing your engine oil you are essentially saving yourself a lot of time and money in the future; looking after your engine and car parts routinely is always best and minimises future maintenance expenses.

What Role Does Engine Oil Play that Makes it so Vital?

The oil you put into your engine keeps all components running smoothly and working well together as they should. Also, the combustion chamber of your engine is where there are many spare parts working diligently to get you to where you need to be and these can become extremely hot. The engine oil draws away the heat and helps to keep your engine cool. Another reason why motor oil is vital is because it prevents unwanted carbon and sludge from accumulating.

Engine Oil Change; Mileage or Time?

Having engine oil is one thing, but ensuring it is clean and fresh is another. Your engine oil should be changed every three months or every 3 000 miles. The problem many people face is they don't know which to go by. Many mechanics will say go with whatever comes first. If you reach 3 000 miles every two months, then change your oil at this time. It is vehicle and driver dependent so be sure to double check with your mechanic before making any drastic decisions.