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Know About The Elf Lubricants Manufacturer

Elf is a brand of the Total oil company. The total is one of the leading Oil and Gas Company in the world. The company is based in Courbevoie in France. The company was started as Elf Aquitaine in 1966 by Charles de Gaulle. Elf was the first company to produce complete synthetic engine oil for racing vehicles. Elf merged with Total in 2003. The use of the latest technology and outstanding performance of the products has made Elf reach to more than 94 countries in the world. Total lubricants have 41 production plants located in different parts of the world. The fact that the products from the company are sold in more than 113 countries shows the popularity and demand for the product. Elf is the world’s 5th largest oil manufacturer and distributor. Elf’s link with OEMs for Nissan, Datsun, Renault, Dacia, etc., shows the quality of the product.

Why Use The Elf Engine Oil And Lubricants?

Elf offers dedicated lubricant products for cars, heavy vehicles and motorcycles. These products are developed after proper research and development. The engine oils from Elf are known to offer great fuel economy along with performance characteristics. These motor oils will lower the consumption of fuel and also help in lowering the carbon emissions into the environment. These genuine oils offer great protection to the engine and its running parts by lowering the friction between them. There will no drop in the performance of the engine even during high temperatures when you use Elf oils. The quality oils will make sure that the wear and tear of the engine parts are reduced and prolonged. These motor oils can be bought from reliable and reputable online store

The Types Of Elf Oils On Sale

Elf Evolution 900 NF 5W-40 - These synthetic oils are suited for injection-type engines. They are ideal for long distance driving, regular stop and go traffic, and suited for high variations in temperature. Elf Evolution Full-Tech FE 5W-30 - These high-performance oils have low SAPS and suit the Euro IV and Euro V engine variants. These oils will offer extended service intervals and are suited for extreme driving styles. This Elf oil has properties of engine protection n from dirt and sludge, low fuel consumption, cold start efficiency, and lowering high temperatures. Elf Evolution SXR5W-40 - These oils are based on the synthetic technology of ELF and suits petrol and diesel engines. They use quality additives to offer great protection from rust and corrosion. They increase the lifetime of the engine and its moving parts. They offer fast lubrication to the engine even during low temperatures.