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The History Of CEPSA And Why Use It?

Compañía Española de Petróleos, S.A.U. (CEPSA) is a very popular oil and gas company in Spain. It has its headquarters in Madrid in Spain and was started in the year 1929. It is mainly known for its oil and natural gas and has its operations spread across many counties in Europe and also in Brazil, Morocco, Canada, Algeria, Panama, etc. The company has three refineries and also produces 260,000 barrels every day. It also has made its foray into engine oils. These CEPSA oils are known to offer very good engine performance and fuel economy. These genuine engine oils are sustainable and also ensure great safety and protection to the engine parts.

The Need To Use Genuine CEPSA Engine Oils

CEPSA knows the right kind of properties needed to create the perfect engine oil. This is why they have developed the best motor oil and the super special lubricant that will offer very good engine performance at all temperatures. These oils will offer complete protection to the moving parts of the engine. They form a thin layer of cover to make sure that the parts are not damaged when in use. The friction between the moving parts is very much reduced by these genuine car engine oils. It will be able to meet the tensions posed by the thermal and mechanical loads. The additives are specifically selected to offer a high level of engine performance and efficiency. If you are looking to buy genuine CEPSA engine oils in the UK, then there is only one place to go and that is the store.

The CEPSA Engine Oils On Sale Online

The CEPSAGenuine 10W-40 is a semi-synthetic engine oil that offers very good stability and lubrication to the engine. They are very good at cold start and also reduce the wear on the engine parts. The CEPSA Genuine 20W-50 is made of using high quality additives and multi-grade base oil. They suit all types of vehicles and ensure higher mileage. The CEPSA Genuine 15W-40car oil is also made using select mineral bases and the right additives to ensure a greater mileage and top end engine performance on all types of passenger cars. The CEPSAX-Tar 505.01 5W40 is a synthetic engine oil that is made to meet the needs of direct injection, turbocharged diesel engines.