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What is brake fluid?

Brake fluid is also commonly referred to as hydraulic fluid. It is used to power the hydraulic braking system of most vehicles, including the latest motorcycles. The fluid within the system needs to be capable of transferring and amplifying force from the subject to the braking mechanism. This method is very efficient because it helps instantly stop and slow down the vehicle based on the amount of pressure applied. The vast majority of brake fluids sold today are glycol-either based. Though there are some mineral oil based fluids are also used in addition to silicone based fluids.

Which braking fluid should I buy?

There are various types of brake fluids. Most brake fluids adhere to the SAE standard. American brake fluid is classified with a DOT rating, so you’ll see the cans marked as “DOT 4” or “DOT 3,” etc. However, the brake fluid you decide on buying should be exactly like the one mentioned by the car’s manufacturer. You may want to check the user manual of your vehicle to get the exact specifications. CASTROL and ATE sell some of the best and most reliable brake fluids which are often rated as DOT4 and DOT 3. Most vehicles will just use DOT 4. That said you should never mix two types of brake fluids together.

How to buy?

Buying brake fluid is extremely simple. Just match the DOT specifications mentioned on your vehicle’s manual to the products listed on our website. We also sell SL grade brake fluid so you should be able to find exactly what you’re looking for above. However, if you still require assistance then do not hesitate to call us.