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A Look Into the History of BAR’S

The BAR’S company came into the limelight in 1947 with the development of a formula to stop the leak from the radiator. From that time, BAR’s has been coming out with innovative and groundbreaking car maintenance products to fix the critical issues faced by the car parts. This company was founded by Fred Barton and started its operations in California. The product came into retail sales in 1950 and the company shifted headquarters to Michigan. Many US car makers adopted the radiator leak arrestor product made by BAR’s. A lot of products were subsequently launched and these auto maintenance products started to gain appreciation from the masses. The BAR’S products were made to meet the issues in the engine, power steering, transmission, cooling system, and hydraulics.

Types Of BAR’s Auto Maintenance Products On Sale

BAR’s Leaks Original - This car care oil offers the necessary protection and sealing to the cooling systems. It will seal the small gaps in the cooling system without clogging. It offers preventive protection to the cooling system for about 12 months. The rust and the lime scale deposits in the cooling systems can be removed using this sealant. BAR'S Leaks Liquid - This auto maintenance fluid will help in sealing the small hairline cracks seen in the cylinder heads, seals, engine blocks, and coolers. It is liquid and hence can easily run and spread. It also acts as a lubricating product for water pumps. BAR'S Oil Stop - This unique product will help in stopping the engine oils from dripping from the engine in case of a crack. The seals will get hardened when you use this car repair oil. It will help in softening the engine seal and make it functional.

Why You Should Only Buy Genuine BAR’s Repair Oils?

The BAR’S products are designed to ensure that your ride or drive is always alive. The various automotive leak repair options offered by this company give the customers the easy option of fixing all leakages of their car in a jiffy. This is an affordable and a very quick solution to the annoying engine oil or coolant system leaks. The BAR’s products have been in the business for over 65 years and have gained plenty of appreciation over the years. The best place to buy these products of high quality is the online store. You can shop for the BAR’s leak repair oils easily from