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What is automatic transmission fluid?

Automatic transmission fluid is often referred to as ATF and used in automatic transmission vehicles. It's usually gray or green which makes it easier to distinguish from regular motor oil and other fluids in the car. ATF has been specifically designed and optimized to meet all the unique requirements of an automatic transmission vehicle such as the operation of the valve, torque converter, and band friction. Some vehicles with power-assisted steering also use ATF as a lubricant. This can be the case with some 4WD, cars, and some modern manual transmission vehicles.

How to know that your ATF needs to be changed?

Many modern cars can alert the driver of either low or old automatic transmission. The sensors built into the automatic transmission help determine the viscosity of the fluid and alert the driver of there being a problem. However, older cars that didn’t have this sensor recommend that automatic transmission fluid is changed ever 2000 kilometers. Another sign that the liquid needs to be changed is that the driver will have a difficult time operating the transmission. The car may also jerk when moving from a standstill. If you hear grinding noises from the transmission after changing the ATF or if there is a leak make sure to visit a certified mechanic.

Highest quality ATF

At, we sell the highest quality automatic transmission fluid from brands such as CASTROL, FUCHS, VALVOLINE and VAICO.. So, your transmission is always treated with the best ATF fluids that money can buy. Note: Always buy ATF transmission fluid as per the recommendation of your car’s manufacturer. The ATF fluid type to be used should be mentioned in the user manual of your car.