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A Brief Introduction To Ambra Oils

The Ambra range of oil products is part of the Petronas lubricants and hence there is no doubt about the quality of these farm equipment and agricultural machinery oils. These agriculture machine oils are made in collaboration with CNH using the advanced technologies to offer high-quality oils like no other. They are made to suit the all New Holland agricultural machines and the construction equipment. These Ambra oils are formulated to meet the needs of heavy-duty machines after a string of field and laboratory tests. This is why you find the Ambra engine oils to be very effective on the farm machines and construction machinery.

The Types Of Ambra Oils On Sale Online

Ambra Super Gold - This multigrade engine oil suits diesel engines and turbochargers of harvesters, tractors, and agricultural vehicles. They have very high thermal stability and low oil usage. The other characteristics of this tractor oil include high viscosity stability, prolonged wear and tear properties, anti-corrosion properties, and anti-foaming properties. Ambra Multi F - This is a UTTO lubricant that is suited for power transmission in the hydraulic systems of the tractors. This Ambra oil protects the engine parts from getting worn out due to heavy loads and extreme temperatures. Its characteristics include a high viscosity index, anti-slip and stick properties, and very good cold engine performance. Ambra Mastergold HSP - This is a high performing motor oil that was developed to offer top-end protection to New Holland machines. The wear protection from the soot is very high. The oil will help in optimizing the wear of the engine parts to a slow degree and therefore ensures the longevity of the engine.

The Key Features Of Ambra Tractor Oils

The transmission and the hydraulic oils are used to ensure that the engine and the hydraulic systems perform at its best in the farm machines, tractors and construction equipment. These motor oils have very high oxidation stability and also good thermal resistance. This ensures that the oil will offer the necessary protection for the engine for a long time. The Ambra oil also ensures the protection of the engine and its parts from dust and corrosion and will help in increasing the lifespan of the engine. The oils have anti-foaming and anti-corrosion properties and also offer excellent braking characteristics. To buy quality and reliable Ambra oils and lubricants, you need to shop online at