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About Agip Eni Brand

Agip or Azienda Generale Italiana Petroli is a former Italian retailer of lubricants and fuel oils. Agip was established in 1926 as a subsidiary of Eni, the multinational oil and gas company based in Rome. Agip was acquired by Eni in 2003. Eni has operations in more than 79 countries worldwide and is the 11th largest industrial company. Agip Eni offers high-performance lubricants for all types of vehicles after proper research. The brand offers complete user satisfaction and compatibility with environment protection specifications. The research and development team of the company updates the product range regularly according to the requirement of the vehicle manufacturers. Apart from long service intervals, these engine oil products also offer fuel economy.

How To Choose The Right Agip Eni Engine Oil?

It is very important to follow the manufacturer’s recommendations to choose the right motor oil. You need to choose the auto oils that meet the specifications of the car manufacturer so that the vehicle will perform at its optimum best always. It is very important to choose Agip Eni oils that meet the viscosity level indexes suggested by the car manufacturer. The car engine oil you choose must also offer very good performance characteristics and should have the right and necessary additives that will keep the engine running cool. The additives will help in keeping the dirt and the dust at bay and ensure smooth and efficient engine performance. It must form a protective oil later over the engine parts in order to reduce the friction between the moving parts. These Agip Eni oils also offer long oil change intervals and better fuel economy, which will help in saving a few bucks. The ideal place to buy these oils is the genuine online store

Types Of Agip Eni Oils On Sale

I-Base - These are multigrade engine oils that offer top-end engine performance that suits petrol and diesel engines. They offer the right lubricant for hot and cold engines. These Agip Eni oils have the right additives to prevent the deposits on the engine and keep it clean. i-Sint - This motor oil is a high performing synthetic based engine oil that offers quality lubrication all year round. It shows optimum wear protection, quick engine start, and long service life characteristics. i-Sint Tech - This fully synthetic auto oil has reduced HTHS viscosity and offers very good wear protection and strong lubrication in all moving parts.