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What is a Wiper-Blade-Rubber?


Every vehicle owner is perhaps familiar with the function of the wiper. In the UK it is arguably one of the most used accessories, and hence they wear out very quickly. However, what wears out is not the wiper itself but rather the Wiper-Blade-Rubber. The rubber attaches to the wiper arms which move back and forth, over time they can wear down and have to be replaced. Fortunately, the rubber is comparatively cheap and is available for just about every vehicle that’s manufactured across the world. Most are pretty standard and so finding one is not difficult. Also, attaching one fairly easy.


When to replace the rubber?


Most people will replace the Wiper-Blade-Rubber after a certain time, like a year in the UK. However, some blades can last longer and as such replacing them before needed is a waste of money. Ideally, you should check the blade with your fingers. If you feel that the rubber is no longer sticky or does not feel rubbery, then it’s time to be replaced. Also, if you see that the blades are not clearing away the water effectively, i.e., leaving little droplets behind then replacing the rubber will remedy this situation.


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