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Buy Wiper Arm/ Bearing

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What are wiper arm replacement parts?

A windscreen wiper's arm connects directly to the blade which makes contact with the windscreen. The arm consists of several parts which can easily be replaced. The wiper arm consists of an intricate system of rods which are bent at certain angles to make it possible for the wiper to reach most parts of the windscreen. However, over time the parts tend to wear off and become rusty. Usually, when these parts become rusty, the wiper arm tends to get stuck, or there is a loud squeaking noise each time the wipers are turned on. Fortunately, wiper arm replacement parts are not expensive, and they can be replaced by someone with limited knowledge of how they work.

How to buy the right part

The east way to buy the right wiper arm replacement part is to match the part number of the existing one to that on our website. You should also visually match the part you have to that displayed in the picture. However, even though the parts may look the same if the part number does not match you shouldn't buy it the reason being that the length and thickness of these parts may vary.

Call us for assistance

If you are unable to find the right wiper arm replacement or are confused feel free to call us right away. Our experts will help you find the right parts both over the phone and via email. However, the phone tends to be the easiest way to communicate.