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CarWings - Give your Car Wings

With digital and wireless technology advances, new services offered are fast creating a better way of life for technology savvy people, especially in the automotive industry. One of these services is known as CarWings, and it allows your vehicle direct access to the internet, which keeps your onboard computer up to date without any assistance from yourself. There are many benefits to this, including updating your GPS maps, giving you instant traffic information and even providing details about the current area in which you are travelling. This system is available for use in selected car models and countries.

CarWings – Wings of Technology

Another benefit of the this system is that partial control of your car’s onboard system can be accessed via your mobile device, laptop or home computer, sharing information, allowing you to transfer music and other simple functions. The CarWings system itself, however, is a separate network, not needing to use your mobile device data network to connect to the internet. This means that you now not only save data, but that updates and system upkeep is done automatically while you focus on driving, listening to GPS instructions or learning about your current route.

Wings of Assistance and Safety

With the CarWings system your vehicle will truly be given “wings” of technology and convenience, ushering you into the future and allowing you to take full control of your driving world. You can experience a vehicle that keeps you connected 24/7, helps you travel safely and quickly to your destination, and even gives useful advice about your environment for tourism or other purposes. In addition, the CarWings system provides direct contact with an operator service which means that if your car breaks down, you get a flat tyre, or experience an accident, help will be instantly available at the touch of a button, meaning that you will never be left stranded at any time of night or day. It can be truly be said that travelling by car has never been safer, or your life more convenient, than with this system and its functions installed.