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Car Windscreen Seals

Each and every windscreen in a vehicle is kept in place by a windscreen seal. This seal forms a protective barrier between the glass windscreen and the body of the car, which stops the windscreen from breaking or cracking. Not only does the seal prevent damage to the windscreen but it also makes sure that the windscreen stays firmly fixed to the body of the car. If these seals did not make the windscreen fit tightly into the car, there is a very good chance that the windscreen can blow out or fall out while driving and this can cause a major accident.

What are Car Windscreen Seals Made of?

These seals are usually made of a strong rubber to ensure that the windscreen stays rigidly in its position at the front of the car. On occasion, when the windscreen seal is old and worn, the simple action of closing a door can cause the windscreen to pop right out. By looking at the condition of this seal in your car, you will be able to determine if it is cracked and broken in any way. Alternatively, ask your mechanic to report on the status of the windscreen seal next time your car is in for a service.

Car Windscreen Seals are Inexpensive

If you need to purchase a windscreen seal for your car, do not worry too much about the associated costs, as these are low and will not break the bank. Searching online for this component is easy and, by inputting the make, year model and engine size of your car, you will be able to order a new one at the click of a button. After you have obtained your new seal, take the vehicle to your closest windscreen fitment centre and ask them to replace your old seal with the new one. The fitment of the seal is an inexpensive exercise to undertake. Taking care of your windscreen seal is as easy as checking it on a regular basis for signs of wear and tear.