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What is a Car Window Regulator?

A Car Window Regulator as the term suggests is a mechanism which regulates the movement of the car’s window. It consists of a motor, spindle and a series of shafts which lift the window pane up and down. Plus, the motor has a speed control which is based on the amount at which the user presses the switch. However, that feature is limited to high end models. Even though the underlying mechanism of the regulator may look the same, it does vary slightly from one vehicle to the next. So buying an exact replacement is always a good idea.

When to replace a window regulator?

The best time to replace a Car Window Regulator is when it starts sticking or when you start hearing a grinding sound each time the window is raised or taken down. There are a couple of reasons for these sounds which include problems with the gear, a sticking mechanism or motor issues. Some of these issues can be repaired at minimum cost without having to replace the whole kit. So, before you specifically buy the regulator have the window inspected by a professional mechanic. Some people with experience repairing windows can also take it apart themselves to figure out what is causing the problem and then install genuine replacement parts.

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