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Original VAICO Quality, Nut, Wheel
Original VAICO Quality, Nut, Wheel
Fitting position:  Rear Axle, Front Axle
Art.No.:  11991032

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Wheel Nuts are Important Parts of a Car

Ensuring that wheels are firmly held in place with good wheel nuts is imperative for keeping the safety of the vehicle intact. Many accidents are caused because wheel nuts are worn or the threads are stripped. These nuts should fit snugly against the outside of the rim of the wheel and be tightened well to the inside hub of the vehicle. There are many different types of wheel nuts that fit a variety of vehicle makes. Some makes utilise only four wheel nuts to secure the wheel to the car and others make use of five nuts.

Damaged Wheel Nuts are Dangerous When Driving

Driving a vehicle that has damaged wheel nuts or missing nuts can be very dangerous as the wheel can come loose from the car. All the nuts that secure the wheels should be well tightened to ensure they never come loose. These nuts often have a tapered head to ensure they fit snugly against the rim of the car and this reduces any play that might occur. If there is play in the rim and the nuts, the entire wheel can work its way loose.

It’s Easy to Purchase Wheel Nuts Online

The first thing to do is to go online and punch in the year model and make of your vehicle. Once you have located the wheel nuts that are applicable to your vehicle, add them to your online basket and proceed to checkout. Add in the delivery address that you want the parts delivered to and sit back and wait for your consignment to arrive. Why spend lots of money driving in search of wheel nuts when you can purchase them online from the comfort of your own home?