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Original VAICO Quality, Screw
Original VAICO Quality, Screw
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What does Wheel Fastening items include?


Wheel Fastening spares or items as they are called include a number of things like nuts, bolts, fasteners, washers, etc. So, almost everything it takes to keep the wheel and the associated assembly fastened to the car. Many experts also include suspension related nuts and bolts in this category. That said finding most of the items for any vehicle are pretty easy because they tend to be for the most part standard across the auto industry. Though they may be a few spares that are hard to find depending on the type of vehicle you own.


How to buy the right wheel spares for your car?


One of the issues faced by buyers, in general, is that its hard for them to determine if what’s being sold online is right for their vehicle. All the Wheel Fastening spares may look the same to the untrained eye, and without a physical look at items like nuts and bolts, it's hard to tell if they are the right size. Fortunately, reputed sellers like ourselves have made an effort to ensure that its easier to buy the right spares. We mention complete specifications including part numbers which should make buying the right ones easy.


Buy only quality spares


Even though it's hard to tell the difference between a good and average spare, they do make a difference. Good Wheel Fastening spares will last a long time, possibly decades while low-quality ones may probably need to be replaced a year later. Fortunately, you can buy quality spares from and that too at competitive prices.