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Wheel hub

The wheel hub refers to the entire wheel assembly. It is also known as the wheel unit or wheel assembly unit. If there is a problem with the wheel unit it is important to get it checked by a qualified mechanic. If it is suggested that any of the components be replaced due to wear, do not hesitate to change these parts as driving the vehicle with damaged wheel hub parts can cause a major problem.

Wheel hub location

This is located between the drive axle and the brake drums. The wheel hub is connected to the chassis via a holding bracket. If a wheel assembly is replaced, the new component needs to be torqued to the correct specification by a qualified fitter to prevent failure. The hub is a critical part of all motor vehicles and needs to be replaced with proper parts if it is damaged in any way. Typically a wheel hub will have a hub bearing, flange bolts, a trailing arm, brake shoes and a brake drum.

The importance of quality wheel hub parts

Purchasing inferior wheel hub components can be disastrous for a motor vehicle and its occupants and increase the likelihood of accidents. This is the main reason why proper replacement parts should be sourced and fitted by qualified technicians. The wheel assembly should never be overlooked during regular servicing of the vehicle as it plays an important part in the proper functioning of the vehicle. With so many components housed in the wheel hub, it is critical to ensure that only the best possible parts are fitted to further enhance the safety and driveability of the vehicle.