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What is a stub axle nut?

A stub axle nut is part of the wheel hub assembly of all vehicles, this is why it's also referred to as the hub assembly. It consists of various parts which include bearings and seals. While it's very common in passenger vehicles, it is also used in many heavy and light trucks. The stub axle nut is located right between brake discs or drums and on the drive axle. It is mounted to a holding bracket which is attached to the chassis on the side of the disc, the wheel is then mounted to the bolts. The stub axle nut may require replacing each time that the whole wheel hub assembly is overhauled or repaired.

How to know there is a problem?

One of the ways to know that there is something wrong with the stub axle nut is if the wheel is not turning freely. You may also hear squeaking from the tires which sound a lot like dragging brakes. If you hear any sound from your tires, there is a good chance that it's the stub axle nut that needs to be taken a look at by a professional.

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