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What is a washer reservoir?

A windscreen washer reservoir is where all the windscreen washer fluid is stored. In most models, the fluid is poured directly into the reservoir, and it is from there that it is pumped directly to the nozzle / jets. However, since most windshield washer reservoirs are made from plastic they tend to get cracked, or easily break in the event of a collision in which case they need to be replaced. However, the reservoir is comparatively easy and cheap to buy and in most models is easy to replace. That said replacing it is something which shouldn't be attempted by someone who does not understand how the system works.

When should the reservoir be changed?

Normally there is no reason to change the reservoir. In the vast majority of vehicles, the reservoir can last for up to a decade without it needing to be changed. Also, experts advise that there is no reason to change a reservoir which is not leaking. So, only decide to get it changed if you notice pools of windscreen washer collect under your car. You should also choose to get it changed if your vehicle has been in an accident.

Buy only original replacement reservoirs

Even though buying a reservoir is very easy and for most vehicles, they can be found at any automobile store the fact remains that you need purchase a quality reservoir. Ideally, you'll want to buy ones manufactured and sold by brands such as Blue Print, Febi Bil Stein, Metzger and VDO amongst many others. Fortunately, you will find all the top brands here at If you need help buying a reservoir don't hesitate to call or email us.