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What are included in car bonnet parts?

The front of your vehicle is often referred to as the bonnet. The bonnet has some replaceable parts which include gas springs, head lights, bumper, fog lamps, seal gasket and various other parts which may vary depending on the vehicle you own. In most cases you will be looking to replace any one of these parts when they wear off, or if your vehicle was in an accident. Also, unlike other body parts the car bonnet parts are relatively cheap and easy to find.

Which parts require frequent replacement?

Interestingly the bonnet of almost all vehicles is designed to withstand quite a bit of wear and tear. If anything only an accident may merit that a couple of parts be replaced. That said accessories such as the gas springs, for instance, may wear off after a few years and will require an exact replacement. The same goes for the seal gasket and sometimes the bumper itself if it has been in many mini-collisions over the years. If you notice a few things looking old or not working as they should in your vehicle its best to get them replaced. Thankfully we sell a whole range of replaceable bonnet parts at an excellent price.

How to buy bonnet parts?

We have made buying car bonnet parts very simple. Just buy the parts for your vehicle by shortlisting all the parts that are specific to your car's make and model. However, some parts like the gas springs, for instance, can be used in just about any vehicle. If you still need help finding the parts you need then just get in touch with us right away.