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Valve, Expansion
Valve, Expansion
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What are expansion valves and gaskets?

Expansion valves and accompanying gaskets are one of the most important parts of an air conditioning system. The expansion valves expand and contract to regulate the flow of refrigerant through the system. The gaskets are meant to provide an extra layer of protection against leaks and mixing of the refrigerants. However, one of the most common problems with car ACs is the fact that the gaskets can leak after a period of time, and that can cause problems with the gasket valves as well. So, they need to be replaced at the same time.

How to know a replacement is needed?

One of the most common signs that a gasket is leaking, or there is a problem with the expansion valves is inadequate cooling. Also, if you can smell refrigerant, then that could also indicate that the valves or the gaskets are leaking. However, regardless it is important to keep in mind that these cannot be repaired, and so a replacement is the only way to ensure that the AC system continues to function properly.

Buying the right parts

Purchasing the right expansion valves and gaskets is not as complicated as some people think. The easiest way is to match the part number on your existing valves and gaskets to the ones listed on our website. However, if you're still unable to find what you're looking for you can ask the AC technician to provide you with a description of what the right parts will look like and then make a purchase from us. If you need help trying to buy the good expansion valves and gaskets feel free to contact us.