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The Vacuum System in Cars

All cars utilize a vacuum system within their engines. What occurs is that the motor constantly moves air in and out of itself, and the vacuum that the motor produces. This air comes from the intake stroke of the motor where the crankshaft draws down the piston and the air is sucked into the motor. The amount of vacuum the engine produces is dependent on how good the piston rings are. Any loss of vacuum in the vacuum system will cause a loss of power at low RPMs or when the car is idling. Having an intact vacuum system, with proper working parts is always a good idea.

Vacuum System Lines

Usually there are many vacuum system lines that come off the intake manifold as this is where the vacuum is generated by the engine. The intake manifold is represented in the area behind the throttle plate and the highest degree of vacuum will be found in the intake manifold. Because of this the intake manifold will often have many vacuum outlet ports on it. Some of the other car devices that are controlled by the vacuum system are the exhaust gas valves, brake boosters, exhaust bypass valves, crank case valve cover vents and air conditioning vent controls.

Purchasing the Individual Vacuum System Parts Online

In this fast-paced world it is no longer necessary to drive long distances to find the vacuum system parts you require for your vehicle. Simply go online, punch in the make, year model and engine size of your car and locate the parts you need. If you are in doubt, ask you mechanic to confirm that the parts you are about to source are correct for your car. Add the parts to your online basket, add in the delivery address you require the parts to be delivered to, and then sit back and wait for them to arrive.