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History of VAICO oils

VAICO oil is a brand of spare parts produced by the company VIEROL AG. The other automotive spare brands from the company are VEMO and ACKIJAP. VIEROL AG is at present located in Oldenburg in Germany. The company was founded entrusted in the year 1977 by Jürgen R. Viertelhaus. The brand VAICO was registered in the year 1999. VAICO focuses on the engine and transmission spare parts. Now the company sells more than 30,000 auto components to customers in more than 125 countries. VAICO oil comes in a wide range of oils like gear oils, engine oils, antifreeze oils and additives and they are of the best quality.

Types of VAICO oils

VAICO offers different oils needed for vans and cars. The central hydraulic oils from the brand are extremely useful in keeping your vehicle in best performing conditions. The different VAICO oils available at online dealer are: VAICO VA-ZHM - This is oil with high viscosity and high thermal stability. It offers best wear protection for engine parts with safe friction characteristics. This oil offers exceptional viscosity- temperature performance. VAICOVA 002 SYNT - This oil from VAICO is suitable for light commercial vehicles and Buses. This oil with good viscosity index is used in shock absorber, power steering, traction systems, suspension, leveling etc. Vehicle brands like Audi, Ford, BMW, Mercedes-Benz uses this product. VAICO VA-LHM - This is a central hydraulic oil with extremely high viscosity. This oil offers maximum protection to the parts from corrosion. This can be used safely in vehicles with a special green fluid reservoir.

Why Buy VAICO oils?

VAICO is a quality brand from VIEROL, the specialist in the spare parts market. The company produces products with Q+ seal which indicates parts are of OE quality. The company has experts to design the products and to optimize them for the different auto brands. The right additives in the consumables ensure optimum lubrication for the parts. The VAICO oils come in leak proof containers with induction closure. You can find the VAICO oils for your vehicle lubrication needs at the online shop You can go through the details about the product return and payment options before you purchase the item from online shops. Go to the dealers who offer the branded items at the cheapest price. Buying the items in bulk can get you discounts on the price.